February’s Winter Weather Across the Country

February 2014 has been quite an incredible month in terms of weather! We’ve seen record breaking temperatures as well as storms and parts of the country covered in snow for days on end. Let’s take a look at what this crazy month included!

In one month there were FIVE named winter storms! Courtesy of The Weather Channel, here is a list containing all the winter storm names for 2013-2014.

winter weather - winter storm names

Here is what we saw across the country this month:

winter weather - winter storm maximus

(Source: ibtimes.com)

Snow from the 13th named storm, Winter Storm Maximus, covered trees in Central Park after dumping snow over a wide swath of the country in early February.


winter weather - winter storm Nika

(Source: Kansan.com)

Lawrence, KS was hit by Winter Storm Nika on February 4th which resulted in two snow days and over 10 inches of snow.


Winter Weather - Winter Storm Orion

(Source: Storify.com)

Winter Storm Orion brought snow to the Pacific Northwest on February 6th, creating travel problems along the I-5 corridor. Snow fell from Portland, Ore. and Vancouver, Wash. to Eugene, Ore., with 11.5 inches of snow reported in Corvallis, Ore. and 3.8 inches measured in Portland, Ore.


Winter Weather - winter-storm-pax

(Source: ibtimes.com)

Winter Storm Pax blanketed the Northeast with anywhere from six to 12 inches of snow in mid-February as southern and eastern states saw a large amount of this wintry-mix.


Winter Weather- Winter Storm Rex

(Source: theguardian.com)

A bulldozer cleans snow in Times Square in midtown Manhattan in the aftermath of Winter Storm Rex. The Northeastern part of the country from South Carolina to New York braced for the impact of Winter Storm Rex as it slammed the Midwest and Northeast parts of the country around and after Valentine’s Day.

With the start of March just a couple of days away, visions of shedding your heavy coat and placing it into storage might be entering your mind.

Unfortunately, the weather pattern for the final days of February and the start of March won’t cooperate though, particularly if you live along the northern tier of the United States. So before putting up the winter weather clothes, keep them on hand just in case this weather pattern continues.

After such an active month, one begs to ask the question…Who’s ready for Spring?

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