IAS CEO, Larry Cochran, Featured on WOAI-TV Regarding Working Out While You Work!

This week we were happy to welcome Michael Garofalo from WOAI-TV in San Antonio to our headquarters for a segment featuring our CEO, Larry Cochran! Larry not only runs the company from his office but he also gets fit while he works! Larry is always looking for new ways that the company can be innovative and on the cutting edge of technology. When he injured his back he decided to try out an adjustable desk with a treadmill. And guess what?! He loved it!

Click here to watch the segment!

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Following the segment Larry and Michael even took a moment to play a game of ping-pong in our training room! Who do you think won?

12ping pong

Do you have a unique desk set-up that allows you to workout while you work or helps to increase your productivity? If so, we want to hear about it!

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