IAS Weather Monitoring Station

At IAS Claim Services we like to take things up a notch when it comes to technology and innovation; all while being rooted in our philosophy of doing the best job possible when it comes to your claims adjusting needs. We’re a new school of thought with an old school philosophy of classic service. We take technology to the next level and are always interested in staying on top of trends, the direction technology is heading and how it can better assist us in providing the best service possible.

Today we’d like to show you our weather monitoring station located on-site at our San Antonio headquarters where our executives and adjusters can follow the weather going on around the country at any given time. It provides the ability to track weather, storms, possible catastrophes and know how and when to deploy action and the appropriate adjusters based on the situation at hand. To stay up to date with the latest weather reports you can always visit our storm center online at: http://www.catcrew.com/storm/

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 And don’t forget IAS Claim Services has gone social and we are always sharing the latest weather updates going on around the nation!

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