A Mid-Month Look at October’s Wild Weather!

We’re halfway through the month of October and we’ve seen some wild weather across the nation! From severe storms and flooding, more activity in the tropics to blustering blizzards. Fall is in full force carrying some interesting weather along with it. Here are some images from what’s been happening in the weather world around the United States.

This is a photo from a road closure due to flooding from record-setting rainfall in south-central Pennsylvania last week.


Moisture from Hurricane Octave is spreading to the U.S. and is scheduled to produce heavy rainfall in the south-central states, including Texas.

Hurricane Octave

A freak October blizzard dropped tons of snow in South Dakota leaving ranchers reeling from the impact on their livestock and leaving the state still dealing with post-storm clean up.


As we enter the latter part of the month, cooler temperatures are expected to arrive with it, according to numerous weather reports. We will continue to keep an eye on on weather news and any catastrophic events that may pose a threat, especially as the anniversary of one of the worst storms in U.S. history approaches later this month, Hurricane Sandy.

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