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October’s Weather Across the Country

The months of 2014 seem to be flying by faster and faster! Halloween has come and gone and October’s weather across the country has been less than quiet. Severe storms, tropical storms, hurricane-force winds, a nor’easter and an erupting volcano have been on the weather map this month. Let’s recap what October’s weather has looked […]

Safety Education During Catastrophic Events

Being prepared for a disaster or catastrophic event is something we don’t like to think about but very important to every household! Safety education and preparedness is essential to keeping your family safe.  We have seen severe weather around the country the last few weeks that has caused major flooding and damage to several states. […]

IAS Catastrophe Deployment Checklist

IAS Claim Services business unit, CatCREW, has the ability to deploy hundreds of personal and commercial lines adjusters to catastrophic events across the U.S. within 24 hours. We maintain a database of experienced catastrophe adjusters, ready to deploy anywhere at any time. Catastrophes occur at a moments notice and cause severe devastation. Knowing our adjusters are prepared and […]

One Year Anniversary of Superstorm Sandy

Today marks the one year anniversary of superstorm Sandy, a monstrous hurricane that left portions of the East Coast and one of the nation’s largest cities in complete shreds. With unimaginable force, this storm merged with a second storm and mutated into a dangerous monster. In the year since Sandy blew through the East Coast, meteorologists […]

IAS Weather Monitoring Station

At IAS Claim Services we like to take things up a notch when it comes to technology and innovation; all while being rooted in our philosophy of doing the best job possible when it comes to your claims adjusting needs. We’re a new school of thought with an old school philosophy of classic service. We […]

A Mid-Month Look at October’s Wild Weather!

We’re halfway through the month of October and we’ve seen some wild weather across the nation! From severe storms and flooding, more activity in the tropics to blustering blizzards. Fall is in full force carrying some interesting weather along with it. Here are some images from what’s been happening in the weather world around the United […]